Maths Magic Free Version

Over the weekend the design for the free version of Maths Magic were completed. Here are a list of features to expect:

1) Menu System

2) Play sound for each button clicked

3) Play sound when the game ends

4) Reduce time limit and increase range of target number as score increases

5) Number generation class to prevent a target number from being displayed immediately after it was just displayed

For those who have already sent in feedback, I say thank you. Its been 6 weeks since Maths Magic was released and I must state that its been hard. But with your encouragement and support, we have continued pressing on. Please follow us on twitter @vmathsmagic

Thanks for everything.


Maths Magic Feature List

Its been a long week. As the week ends I am just grateful that we now have a list of features for Maths Magic.

They are :

1    Automatic calculation of time spent playing
2    Menu System
3    Save game to allow the user continue
4    Save high score to allow record of play
5    Settings for levels
6    Save settings on phone
7    Save username when saving high scores
8    Reduce time by 1 second for every 100 as a score
9    Play sound when the time ends
10  Number generation class to prevent a number being displayed back to back

For me this will be a long quarter.

Busy Week for Techs

This week leading up to Easter was especially busy for Techs. Starting with the Windows Phone Depth Camp later the Catalysts for Change online game, is was really crazy.

In the course of the week I got accused by a dear friend of hoarding tech event details so I have promised to maintain a blog of tech events I know about.

What is still in the air is the Bonus by Nokia. Any developer who get a Windows Phone 7 application into the Marketplace by the end of this month gets a Nokia Lumia.

Someone says awof, I say happy  Labour Day.