Game 3

Towers of Hanoi

Contrary to popular opinion, I do sleep 🙂 The only problem is that I rarely sleep while working on a project. This morning, I finished my 3rd game.

Its called Towers of Hanoi. The objective of the game is to move all the disks from the 1st peg to the 3rd peg. You can only move the disks one by one. The only constraint imposed on the player is that you cannot place a bigger block on top of a smaller one.

You can play it here




Before Game Development ever started, I did work on Data Visualization. I feel strongly that Data Visualization is a good filter for would be game developers. The combination of analysis and visualization is what any prospective game developer needs to test their skills.

iMa is a simple interactive map of Africa. The aim is to show states in Africa when the user places his mouse over them. It  could serve as an educational tool. You can find the demo here ->

This is my third project for Coding Alphabet. The source code is available for download on SourceForge.