9 Months Away

Steve Jobs quote on decisionHello Everyone,

Once today ends, I would be 9 months away from my country. I remember leaving Nigeria. It was against the will of everyone in my life. I was discouraged from coming but I did. I have survived 9 months and 9 months remain before I can go home.

Looking back could I have died? Yes. But deep down in my heart I know that I cannot live any other way. One way or the other once this year ends, I will have an idea on how I will live the rest of my life.




When Progress Means Starting Over

Hello Everyone,

Its good to be in a new week. This is my 20th post on this blog! Today I made a breakthrough in the design of my 4th game. I found out how to enable drag and drop functionality! That is the “English Version”. The “Technical Version” is that I found out how to move an SVG path with the mouse pointer.

Game 4 is about maps. I don’t want to spill the beans but I intend to have a prototype ready on April 27th.

Last year, I participated in Mozilla Gameon. I didn’t win anything but I made an entry with ISE. For me it was gratifying to make the entry list. Some of the entries were quite impressive!

With the breakthrough in SVG drag and drop, I will have to start all over! See you on April 27th!