Interactive Skills Chart

skills chart

So once in a while as a developer, you see something that sparks an idea on your own end. Then you use it to your advantage! I was studying some examples of work done with Raphael and got a Eureka moment.

At the end, I created my own interactive skills chart. You can view it here.



All I Ever Wanted (2012)

Logical AkinGenesis

A mail to my “mysterious” subscriber,

All I wanted to was to tell someone I cared about the way I felt; but it was taken as sheer whining and complaining.
All I wanted was to be different… but I was taken as an alien.
All I wanted was to be open… but I was taken as a mysterious and logical fiend. And when I chose to be closed… I was  rejected.
All I wanted was someone to listen to my dreams about the world… but my dreams could not belong to others if they were not going to be considered.
All I wanted was peace… but the conflicting natures of action and consequence are too intricate to ignore.
All I wanted was to smile at you… but knowing you would judge if it was real or not took it all away.
All I wanted was you to look at me…

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