My Resolution

I don’t care if I live or I die, I will not live a lie.


My Toolbox

So after all the years spent drifting, I have decided to chart a course for what I should master up until 2015. So my tools of choice are:

  1. Twitter Bootstrap
  2. D3
  3. Three.js
  4. AngularJS
  5. CreateJS
  6. WordPress
  7. Drupal
  8. OpenSIS
  9. Google App Engine
  10. PHP

Confederations Cup Data Project

Confederations Cup Logo

It will be 18 years since my country last played in the Confederations Cup. 18 years! A lot has changed in that time. I have changed, my country has changed, the world has changed!

Currently I am learning Drupal. One of the ways that I have found makes for effective learning is to combine what you already know with what you want to learn. I do have a grasp of SVG so it wasn’t going to be difficult to create a map of the world to start off the project.

Currently I have started a Data Visualization experiment on Drupal Gardens. I have no idea how to proceed but I believe that not knowing how to do something is no excuse not to do it.

Mobile Web West Africa

MWWA2013 logo

Happy New Month Everyone!

As the month begins, I must state that I am kind of sad. It seems that every odd year I cannot help but miss the biggest mobile focused event in the region. In 2011, I wasn’t available to attend the first event. Now this year 2013, I will not be able to attend because I am also not around. Especially painful is the fact that I am the first testimonial on the home page 😦

All Amber has once again organized this event and once again the event is completely sold out. I tend to be hesitant when talking about tech events but I am clear on this: “If you are going to be in Nigeria next week and you are in the tech space, YOU NEED TO BE AT Mobile Web West Africa“. You can find out the details here.

The first time I attended Mobile Web West Africa, was in 2012. I was a bit hesitant to attend because for most of the tech events I had been to previous to Mobile Web West Africa I seem to remember the refreshments served rather than the contents of the speaker presentations 🙂

So the day came and I went to the event expecting to be bored. The first day focused on Mobile Web, Mobile Marketing and the importance of User Generated Content. It was on that day that I first saw the power of HTML5 in the development of cross-platform applications.

The second day focused on the Ecosystem. Speakers for Co-creation Hub Lagos and Mobile Web Ghana talked about their roles in building the Mobile Ecosystem. At the end of the event, the presentations for the App Developer contest were made. Once the presenters where done, the floor was open for people to talk about their projects.

I got into developing HTML5 games after the event. I also started blogging. Both of which have proven rewarding in creating a personal brand. Without that one event as a pivot, I would never have gotten to understand that the Mobile Ecosystem was beyond just coding. A lot of my programmer friends got the point. Personally, this one event was an eye-opener. The insights from that one event continue to guide my decision making. Its unfortunate on my end that I will not be in Nigeria to attend this years event.

About All Amber

All Amber was founded in 2009 by Matthew Dawes to produce interactive, discussion-based events specifically aimed at high-level strategists in mobile technology across Africa. To date, All Amber events are industry-leading and highly acclaimed.

Matthew with MWWA2012 banner

Matthew with MWWA 2012 banner

All Amber events provide abundant networking opportunities, which have been proven to lead to growing business and new partnerships.  This is achieved by:

  • A highly interactive roundtable seating format to facilitate genuinely constructive discussion and networking

  • Panel discussions featuring senior strategists from industry leading companies

  • Networking sessions designed to encourage maximum interaction between attendees