My Suit of Armour

A legionary

Happy new month everyone!

I am grateful that Mad May is finally over! May will go down in history as the worst month of my entire life! Out of all the chaos and pain in May, I finally have a toolbox.

The development of this toolbox took the first 5 months of the year. It is based on hard experiences and painful feedback. The following are a list of tools I intend to work on until 2015.

  1. Twitter Bootstrap
  2. D3
  3. Three.js
  4. AngularJS
  5. WordPress
  6. Drupal
  7. J2ME
  8. CodeIgniter
  9. Google App Engine for PHP
  10. PHP
  11. LWUIT
  12. Git

In developing the above list, I imagine myself to be the Roman Soldier shown above. Using the biblical description of the armor of a Roman soldier, this is what my toolbox is like:

Helmet -> HTML5

Shield -> WordPress

Sword -> Drupal

Breastplate -> J2ME

Belt -> CodeIgniter

Shoes -> PHP

At the end of the day choosing a toolbox comes down to a basic truth I have learnt about life. You cannot sit on the fence. You either stand for something or fall for anything.


One thought on “My Suit of Armour

  1. we gat u bro$$…
    neva leavin the army alone#
    soldiers fight battles together .
    we wont let go of the world we know#
    wen we fly we wont stop at the sky, coz there are foot-prints on the moon 😀

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