Enabling Conditions

Leave NigeriaHistory has shown that the most creative people leave repressive regimes and create elsewhere. Today, I have spent 1 year away from my country. If you ask any immigrant, the first 1 year away is the most difficult time in a country. It is like being born!

You need a place to stay, you need to learn what to eat and how to raise funds if you are self-supporting and as if that is not bad enough, you need to learn your place in a world that you have no idea how it works. That 1st year is your fuck up time. You simply make every mistake you can make because you do not know any better.

Today, I am thankful that my 1st year away from Nigeria is over! Despite all the adversity that I faced, in the last 1 year away, I have been more creative than I have ever been in the previous 2 years I spent living in Nigeria.

I came to Ghana against the wishes of everyone in my life! I had to burn all my bridges! That regret I will always carry with me till the day I die!

I however do not regret coming! A part of my soul needed to go on the road and find what it meant to dream again. To find the joy of living, I would have to risk my life in order that I may see life as the gift that it is.

A lot more people desire to live their lives on their own terms but are always held back. In closing, I will end with this quote by Denis Waitley: “It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not”.


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