Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a new month!

When I left Nigeria last year, I left to find a vision for the rest of my life. In the course of that time, I have developed game prototypes and data visualizations. I have found that I have a passion for teaching and would love to use multimedia as a tool for pedagogy.

Now reason must prevail. I am burned out! I have been fighting an uphill battle since the day I got to Ghana. I have never collected any money from anybody in Nigeria in all the time I have spent away. My exile was self-imposed and self-funded.

In 30 days, the month of August will end. I have to decide to either go home or continue staying in Ghana. I am conflicted as to which way to go.

Initially, I thought that I would get to able to build 5 games in the time I had left in Ghana but the truth is that I am now cranky. This crankiness has made my productivity drop. So all I am focused on is completing projects to which I am already committed.

I have now made a decision to stop game development for the mean time. Completing the 4th game prototype really burned all my reserves. So the little strength I have will go towards developing the game framework I intend to use to develop the next 4 game prototypes.

I have decided on the components to be used to build it and how it will evolve from now till the end of next year. So please maybe I will find the time to do some more data visualizations but please expect no more games for a while. I might get the first phase of the game framework out this year but if you don’t see any more game prototypes this year, please understand.

I am burned out and I need time to heal!



This week was awesome! I finished my 4th Game Prototype after 6 months of frustrating work. You can find the details HERE or you can click this LINK to play it!

The gift in all my experiences has been clarity. I have gotten a vision of my life and a certainty about the tools I need to build a world class interactive design and game development studio.

They are:

  1. Twitter Bootstrap
  2. Raphael
  3. Backbone
  4. EaselJS
  5. WordPress
  6. Drupal
  7. PHP
  8. CodeIgniter
  9. Linux
  10. Git
  11. R
  12. MongoDB
  13. J2ME
  14. LWUIT
  15. JGame

Today also marks the 40th post on this blog. It is said that life begins at 40 so I only hope it gets better from here on in.

My 4th Game Prototype

Match The StatesThere you have it! After 6 months of frustrating work, I have finally finished my 4th game prototype for the Education Genre. It was 6 months of grueling labour as I tried to bring this idea to life. I had to dive deep into the SVG format in order to do this.

Now it is done and I am glad it is over. In building this game, I made extensive use of the RaphaelJS library which in my opinion is the best library for working with SVG. I also made use of jQuery to ease DOM manipulation. At the end of the day, I came up with this PROTOTYPE.

Personally this is my best work so far. Getting the user experience right was difficult but I managed to make it happen. Taking what I have learnt so far, I intend to create a 5th game prototype. This time, I will be going for the low hanging fruit. I intend to do something simple.

Played the game a couple of times till I got a perfect score. I really had to look within myself to build this game prototype.  Now on to the next one.

High Score

Getting off the beaten path

The Wanderer

You may think that taking a detour in life is a waste of time and energy, but you can also see the detour as a means of learning more about who you are and where you are heading in your life. Being off the beaten path may be disorienting and confusing at times, yet it challenges your creative spirit to discover new and different ways to get back home, into your heart; for your heart is your real home.

Andreas Moritz