My 4th Game Prototype

Match The StatesThere you have it! After 6 months of frustrating work, I have finally finished my 4th game prototype for the Education Genre. It was 6 months of grueling labour as I tried to bring this idea to life. I had to dive deep into the SVG format in order to do this.

Now it is done and I am glad it is over. In building this game, I made extensive use of the RaphaelJS library which in my opinion is the best library for working with SVG. I also made use of jQuery to ease DOM manipulation. At the end of the day, I came up with this PROTOTYPE.

Personally this is my best work so far. Getting the user experience right was difficult but I managed to make it happen. Taking what I have learnt so far, I intend to create a 5th game prototype. This time, I will be going for the low hanging fruit. I intend to do something simple.

Played the game a couple of times till I got a perfect score. I really had to look within myself to build this game prototype.  Now on to the next one.

High Score


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