Hello Everyone,

Welcome to a new month!

When I left Nigeria last year, I left to find a vision for the rest of my life. In the course of that time, I have developed game prototypes and data visualizations. I have found that I have a passion for teaching and would love to use multimedia as a tool for pedagogy.

Now reason must prevail. I am burned out! I have been fighting an uphill battle since the day I got to Ghana. I have never collected any money from anybody in Nigeria in all the time I have spent away. My exile was self-imposed and self-funded.

In 30 days, the month of August will end. I have to decide to either go home or continue staying in Ghana. I am conflicted as to which way to go.

Initially, I thought that I would get to able to build 5 games in the time I had left in Ghana but the truth is that I am now cranky. This crankiness has made my productivity drop. So all I am focused on is completing projects to which I am already committed.

I have now made a decision to stop game development for the mean time. Completing the 4th game prototype really burned all my reserves. So the little strength I have will go towards developing the game framework I intend to use to develop the next 4 game prototypes.

I have decided on the components to be used to build it and how it will evolve from now till the end of next year. So please maybe I will find the time to do some more data visualizations but please expect no more games for a while. I might get the first phase of the game framework out this year but if you don’t see any more game prototypes this year, please understand.

I am burned out and I need time to heal!


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