Going To Town

Town Scene

Yesterday was the first official day spent in Kenya. The package we came on was excellent. In addition to getting a taxi from the airport and an apartment  we got a city guide who took us around for orientation. Being a tech I asked to be allowed to visit 88mph which is also a business accelerator. But sincerely comparing 88mph to iHub is like comparing the Nigerian Defence Academy to SandHurst. While I accept that they are both world class military officer training academies, let me not say anymore before I kill myself.

I was impressed by the size of the place. Then it hit me. My whole life I always over-estimate the supposed opponent and I am also always disappointed when I finally meet him. When I have approached any opponent with initiative, faith and the will to win, I have found out that non of them have ever been a match. Proof I am still here!

From 88mph we were guided to the iHub where I got to meet the Community Manager for iHubiHub was closed because they were having a hacker camp for kids. I was impressed with the depth of the topic coverage. They were teaching the kids how to program robots. My views on this will wait till another time. We were taken around to the various units of iHub. The iHub is divided into Research, Consulting, User Experience and High Performance Computing.

High Performance Computing has always been a special interest of mine. Most of my weekends this year in Ghana were spent at AITI KACE learning from Mr Earnest Ofori. Those times where the most productive time in my entire life. So today, I intend to see the guy in charge and find out how I can join. I also also look forward to gaining insight into User Experience but I have to attend with Kojo. High Performance Computing is related to my gaming interests.

After visiting the iHub, our guide decided to show us an alternative route to our apartment and I learnt that entering a bus in Kenya is similar to how we do it in Lagos. Fortunately, I did not disappoint myself by falling down. There is still some Nigerianess that Banku and Kenke can never make go away.

Mentally I am yet to recognize that I am no longer in Ghana. I don’t miss Banku and Kenke although I fell in love with them over there. There is something I have noticed about my stomach over the years, its only complain is being empty so long as I settled it, I never have any worries.

In Nigeria, I would fall in love with Eba. In Ghana, I would fall in love with Kenke because of the Kenke Warriors. They were an elite band of eating men and a lady that taught me how to eat Kenke. They are also my Ghanaian family.

This is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 2nd day in Kenya.


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