Getting Around

Kenyan Bus

Kenya is 3 hours ahead of Ghana. One of my first tasks in Kenya was to reset all my timepieces. I got a 3 months visa so I am staying put. I have no taste for flight until sometime in late November or December. The only place my heart wants to be at the end of the day is with my family. But I guess that will now have till wait till Christmas.

Yesterday Kojo and I went to town without our City Guide. She came in before our appointment at iHub meaning to take us there but we insisted that we had better start figuring out the town ourselves. What followed would be a reminder of my childhood with me going off to school after being fussed over by my mother and sister.

Fortunately for us, the iHub was not too hard too find. We got in an had a meeting with our contact and later headed for home. What for me is kind of hard getting used to is the cold. I am still cold. Despite wearing a singlet, shirt and sweater on top, I still freeze at night.

This is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 3rd day in Kenya.


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