Safe In Kenya

By now you have heard about the Westgate Siege in Kenya. It has been a sad and long weekend for everyone here in Kenya. I apologize for not writing earlier. I needed time to compose myself and sort through my emotions.

People close to me were affected by the incident. Its been a long time since I last cried but this week I have come close to tears.

I have nothing more to say at the moment. I will be back to blogging on October 1st. Till then please take care of yourself.



ugaliUgali is a Kenyan dish made from corn. For those from West Africa, it taste like Semovita. In Kenya it is eaten with eggs. It was kind of surprising the first time I ate Ugali with eggs.

In my West African mind, you don’t eat Eba with eggs (although Ghanaians do).

This is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 23rd day in Kenya.

Chapati and Ndengu

Chapati and NdenguToday is my 22nd day in Kenya. Psychologists say that it takes 21 days of constant repetition to form a habit. So I am officially Kenyan.

On Sunday this week, City Guide and Hostess decided to make Chapati and Ndengu for dinner. I was asleep when they started but lets just say that I was awake by the time it was ready.

What would follow would be a culinary delight. IT WAS FANTASTIC! I visited the pot for seconds and men when I slept, my stomach thanked the Lord in praise and worship 🙂

This is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 22nd day in Kenya.

Getting Started With Windows Azure

First LoginI will begin this post with a disclaimer. I am not a staff of Microsoft 🙂 I am the CTO of a West African start-up called Zished. We got venture funded by Savannah Fund. As a result of that, I became the first Nigerian to get accepted into the accelerator. With that knowledge, I intend to do whatever it takes to make sure my start-up succeeds. However, I am also conscious of the need for speed so at the end of the day, my criteria for tool selection will always be based on functionality and ease of use. I currently use a six year old HP Pavilion dv6000 which was given to me by my only sister. Due to my personal attachment to my hardware, I will only use tools that work with my current hardware. I plan to replace my machine when I visit Nigeria to see my sister. Absurd yes. But hey I am the one writing the code here 🙂

In the cloud computing space today, Amazon Web Services is currently number 1. I tried it a while back and I found it a bit confusing to use. I am a Generation 3 programmer (I learnt how to program in my 20s) so I am not particularly fond of the command line.

I was one of the earliest adopter of Google App Engine for PHP in May this year. I even created my first PHP application on Google App Engine on May 25 (10 days after the Google IO announcement). The problem is that till date Google has a process of whitelisting which means you application is placed on a queue. I am a Nigerian and I know from first-hand experience that waiting on a queue is a recipe for disappointment.

Last week there was a Windows 8 event at the iHub. I was unaware of the event until Kojo came downstairs to call me. I met some Microsoft officials at the event and they told me that Friday the 13th of September would have a focus on Windows Azure.

True to the information I was given, the focus on Friday was Windows Azure. The presenter Mr Umit Sunar did a very good job of showing the participants all the features of Windows Azure. At the end of the day I had found what I was looking for. The next steps would be up to me.

Interested participants were given keys to enable them access the 30 days Windows Azure sandbox. I registered at the venue. After the program, the presenter was patient enough to answer all my questions and I did have a shipload of them. I also got access to online resources.

I headed home around 6pm (I told you I had a load of questions). I went online and found some videos. I looked at them until I nodded off.

The next day, I would log into my Windows Azure sandbox and really fumble with it. I am simply grateful that all my sins here would be forgiven and never remembered after 30 days. I would cringe at the idea of doing this on the production account.

Yesterday I was able to create my first website on Windows Azure. I had to download WebMatrix to get it done. In the end, I have achieved a measure of understanding of Windows Azure. I am happy to have gotten started. I know there is a lot to learn but every programmer knows that the first step is always the hardest.

My first website features an installation of PrestaShop. You can check it out here.

This is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 21st day in Kenya.

Game 5 Idea

game5Hello Everyone!

I finally got the idea for my 5th HTML5 game. It took a while to cook in my sub-conscious now it is finally ready. The name of this game is called “Light Up Nigeria” I intend to use the power distribution zones in Nigeria as the basis for the game.

Nigeria Power Map

You can view the interactive power distribution zones map of Nigeria here. Special thanks to BudgIT for providing the initial infographic. So far I have gotten the map to display and the game to end. What remains is to put in the engine. I intend to do that in the coming weeks although I cannot give you a definite date of completion.

As at today we have 14 weeks left to Christmas week. All I want to do is round up at the accelerator and finish my 5th HTML5 game.

Veni Vidi Vici

veni-vidi-viciToday the official countdown begins. 99 days left to Christmas week! I long to go home and see my family. It has been a long and lonely road. A lot of battles have been fought along the way. I am grateful for the person that I have become.

Picture with Kene

Yesterday I met Udeze Kene at the iHub. He flew in all the way from Nigeria. I had not seen him in 15 months. He came because of Tajriba. It was good to reconnect with someone who knew you from whence you came.

This week we cross the 5,000 view mark. As at the time of this post, we are left with 9 more views. I remain grateful to all the visitors I have had on this blog.

September 13 StatsThis is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 18th day in Kenya.