Salsa Night

salsaSo around 6pm yesterday the lights go off in our apartment. I haven’t been out all day so I am bored stiff. I try to get some sleep since there is nothing to do.

But that was not to be! Our city guide and hostess returned from the market and interrupted my sleep proposal. City guide informs me that she is going to Salsa Night at a local hangout. I remember promising her that I would hang out with her.

Since electricity has been cut, I think it would be fine to make good on my promise. So after getting a taxi, we are on our way to enjoy Salsa.

We went to one of those formal hangouts. I danced horribly with some local ladies. Salsa is really fun once you get it. It was great to have a break from routine.

As a bonus, by the time we get home, the lights are back on!

This is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 17th day in Kenya.


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