Veni Vidi Vici

veni-vidi-viciToday the official countdown begins. 99 days left to Christmas week! I long to go home and see my family. It has been a long and lonely road. A lot of battles have been fought along the way. I am grateful for the person that I have become.

Picture with Kene

Yesterday I met Udeze Kene at the iHub. He flew in all the way from Nigeria. I had not seen him in 15 months. He came because of Tajriba. It was good to reconnect with someone who knew you from whence you came.

This week we cross the 5,000 view mark. As at the time of this post, we are left with 9 more views. I remain grateful to all the visitors I have had on this blog.

September 13 StatsThis is Truston Ailende. I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 18th day in Kenya.


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