Light Up Nigeria

game5I left Nigeria on June 28th 2012. It was a Thursday. I left because I was sick of the constant blackouts. Sick of the fact that each night there was never any electricity. I had ideas burning within me yet I could never give them life. Dream after dream had been buried in the years I stayed in Nigeria. I finally got tired of everything and left.

I spent 14 months in Ghana. Then a Ghanaian start-up I met got venture funded by Savannah Fund and we had to go to Kenya in order to be part of the accelerator program. I write this post from Kenya.

I am happy to announce my 5th HTML5 game called Light Up Nigeria. You can click on the above image or click on this link. It was developed using data from BudgIT.

Now that the technical part is over I have a fair idea of how to develop games for the browser. Now is the time for management to take over. 9 months from now, I intend to formally launch a game studio in Nigeria.

Very rarely in one’s life do you get a chance to do what you really want to do with your life. I am grateful and thankful to have come this far. It has taken me 15 months to get here but I have done what I set out to do when I left Nigeria: I have proven myself to myself.

Happy independence day Nigeria. This is my 36th day in Kenya. I have been away for 460 days. I really wished you loved your citizens.


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