Intel Gaming Challenge

Intel Gaming ChallengeI just got back from the Intel Gaming Challenge at the iHub today. It was the first time that Intel would ever organize a gaming tournament. It was also the first time that I would be at a gaming tournament.

I tried to organize the SFAMBILI team to participate in the Intel Gaming Challenge. I am grateful that we didn’t get to play WE WOULD HAVE BEEN SLAUGHTERED. The quality of gamers at the competition was high. This guys would make mince meat of my team of developers.

Thankfully, it was not only an event for gamers. Intel used the event to introduce Havok to developers who attended. Project Anarchy is taking the fight to Unity. Intel will be organizing training session for developers in the weeks to come.

I was glad to be a spectator at the games. There was so much fun at the event even for spectators. I interacted with Chronicmonks before the competition started. Their team leader was cocky as hell. Yet when it came time to play, at the end they were champions.

The event ended with the awards ceremony by presenting the winners and runners up their prizes. Intel outdid themselves at this tournament. Over 10 they got a clear 20. In the words of the audience at the end of the competition, we need another one.


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