Hyper V

hyper-vToday there was a Windows Azure training by Malisa Ncube. Expect a full report on the training program over the weekend while I digest my notes.

What I will say now is that the training was awesome. Not for the overview of Windows Azure overview because I knew that already but for the nuances that only one on one interaction can bring about.

Today I learnt about Hyper V. Hyper V basically allows you to run virtual machines on you Windows PC. Generally among my developer friends, when you want to run Windows and Linux on the same machine, you either have to partition your hard disk or run VMWare on Windows which is expensive so we do the African thing …

Hyper V allows you run virtual machines on your machine and best of all it is free. The only condition is that you should be running Windows 8.

To activate it on your machine, go to the installed programs listing on your machine.

control panel

Click on the turn Windows features on or off.

control panel hyper v

Finally click on the checkbox for Hyper V and then click apply. For some reason, some laptops don’t have it.

Hyper V is a cool feature to have if you want to run virtual machines. I don’t think I will have the time to really dive into it this year but I enabled it on my machine because I am a programmer. Who knows what could happen one day in the future …


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