Assigning a Custom Domain to a Bitnami PrestaShop Instance on Windows Azure Part 1


In this previous post, I detailed how to run PrestaShop on a Windows Azure Virtual Machine. The end result was a test store which created the above screen shot. However, you cannot expect your users to memorize an IP address. You need to give them a domain name to use in accessing your application.

I followed the instructions in this post on how to assign a custom domain to a Windows Azure instance. In the end, you can view the site here.

The current stack I am using is made up of Prestashop, Bitnami and Windows Azure. In getting here, I followed the following steps:

  1. In Godaddy under the Zone files, I changed the @ to point to
  2. In bitnami, I wrote a RewriteRule to point to
  3. I restarted my Apache server in the Bitnami stack

What I intend to achieve is to have a user visit and not have the site redirect to I am close. Just need a few pointers.


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