.NET User Group


On the last Wednesday of every month, the .NET user group meets at the iHub. The meeting starts at 6 pm and ends at around 9 pm.

This week’s Wednesday saw me attending my 1st .NET user group meeting. I would attend because I have learnt from experience that user groups are great for the interaction they provide. The insight gained from being able to discuss with more experienced programmers is more valuable that anything on Google.

The meeting would start with a general introduction by all the attendees. After that there was a discussion on Quality Assurance. The only lady in the house happened to be a software tester and it was great sharing ideas on Software Testing as well as finding out that Software Testers are paid more than Software Developers.

The meeting would end with a presentation of a Facial Recognition System being developed by a student. I was amazed with the amount of work already done to get the project that far. Here was a project using concepts in High Performance Computing being developed by someone who hadn’t even graduated. Maybe the noise about East Africa isn’t all hype …

All in all I had a great time at the .NET user group meeting. Being able to interact with programmers with years of experience that seniors you is truly humbling for me. I learnt alot from just being able to listen and ask questions from all the attendees.

My only regret is that I might not be around for the next one on November 27th.


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