Assigning a Custom Domain to a Bitnami PrestaShop Instance on Windows Azure Part 2

November 5th

In Part 1 of this post I ended with the site redirect problem. At the time I had no idea how to go about it. I opened up a thread on the Bitnami Forum. In the course of that conversation, I got them to make corrections to the documentation. Some parts of the documentation were wrong. That is a risk you accept because when you are on the bleeding edge you expect to bleed. loads perfectly. The site redirect is gone and the page loads in the root. The steps listed here are what I followed to make the site load. If you do not want to use the command line to do your updates, follow this link to learn how to enable PHPMyAdmin for your site. In the host:port section for your database insertion, use your virtual IP if you are using Windows Azure.

Once you complete the above steps, log in to the PrestaShop installation and go to the Advanced Parameters menu. Under the tabs, click on Performance and Then clear the cache.  This would make all the links in your site updated to correspond to the changes you have made.

Clear is just a test store for testing purposes. Now that the URL rewrite problem is solved, the next stage is to learn how to create security certificates. I need that to enable SSL for the shop. This will allow test customers login without seeing the security warning.

All in all I am glad that today marks the end of a process that started last month. I have crashed virtual machines and had to start all over again to get here. But my knowledge of PrestaShop, Bitnami and Windows Azure is better for it. Days like this make the suffering worth it.

This is Truston Ailende I am a member of the Zished Team and this is my 71st day in Kenya.


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