PayButton Africa

PayButtonPaybutton Africa is one of the start-ups at this years Start-up Weekend in Accra. I landed in Ghana the day before and a friend of mine informed me that last week’s Sunday was the grand finale.

Jet-lagged and tired I make my way to MEST. Its nearly demo time by the time I get there. Personally Start-up Weekend was the best way I could touch base with Accra again. My phone number was frozen since I had been out of Ghana for 90 days.

Getting to MEST was a bit difficult. I had forgotten my way there. Eventually I get there. I do a cursory search for familiar faces and meet Mawuli who tells me he is working on Paybutton Africa for Start-up Weekend.

It is not often that a project intrigues me. Most projects I see are typically clone projects. What is really intriguing about Paybutton Africa is the fact that it is a payment system based on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is truly fascinating and that is what makes the product amazing. It is a way to process payment on a website. Currently, they are piloting in Ghana so they integrate with MPower Payments.

Now they need your help. They have qualified for the global start-up battle and they need your vote. In order to vote, please follow the following steps:

Go to this link

Click on the +1 Button


You will get confirmation of your vote

Global Startup Battle

Now go to your email and confirm your vote

So that is how you vote for Paybutton Africa. Please contact Mawuli for project details.

Now get back to work. Its a Monday 🙂


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