Closing Gaming West Africa


Today, I officially close down Gaming West Africa. I started the blog 2 years ago to blog about game development in West Africa.

I readily confess in the last 2 years, my life has changed for the better. I am grateful for all that I learned during the time I spent on the blog. Sadly, I no longer have the inclination to continue to cover gaming.

I remain forever grateful to those who read my blog and helped me develop content.

Thanks for everything!


The Oil Bunkering Game MVP

The Oil Bunkering Game MVPHello!

I can only say welcome to my first blog post this year. I have been underground for the last 8 weeks of the year working on The Oil Bunkering Game. Tweaked and coded and finally the MVP is ready. You can play the online demo HERE.

So what next? I left Zished the e-commerce start-up I was with last year. Yes we were venture funded but I know that its just money. When I left Nigeria initially, it was to build games. I am grateful to have done that. Along the way Zished happened. Ultimately, I have to put my heart into my work and it is in game development.

In the next 18 weeks on June 27th, I will be launching a game studio. The Oil Bunkering Game is our flagship product. From concept to MVP has taken me 20 months. I am grateful to be able to come this far.