White HouseThe lady in the above picture is not my wife. She is Malaika Judd a principal and mentor at Savannah Fund. She was in Lagos in the last week of January. The 3rd class of the Savannah Fund accelerator was starting and she came in to Lagos to meet start-ups in our tech space.

Today marks the beginning of Spring. Winter was cold and harsh. I am grateful I got out in one piece. Whenever you are in a new country, the hardest times are the first 2 months. You are more or less an observer in that country even the one you grew up in.

This week on Tuesday the 25th, I witnessed a woman fight a conductor over 50 naira. In Ghana that would be 50 pesewas while in Kenya, it would be 25 shillings. Everyone in the bus apart from myself took sides and was shouting. I just looked and observed.

The aftermath of being away for 18 months is that I have forgotten how to be a Nigerian. I have lost my aggression. February would see me learn how to put on a generator. Its been so long that I have forgotten. I have forgotten a lot of things. Small details that would mark you out as an alien. That question has come up once in the last month.

But here we are in Spring saying “Thank God Winter is Over”.