famo.us Lagos Meetup


famo.us is a JavaScript framework that is designed to offer the same performance on devices as native applications. I have been following famo.us since it was first announced 2 years ago. You can view my first post on it here. It would take 2 years for the team behind it to finally make it open to the public. 2 long years of waiting.

In a newsletter sent out this month. Steve Newcomb the CEO of famo.us asked that people interested in organising meetups in their cities should send an email to the VP of marketing and request for the organizer toolkit.

Seeing the opportunity to host a meetup in Lagos Nigeria, I stepped up. At the time I had no idea on what it took to do a meetup but I believed that famo.us is too big an opportunity to watch from the sidelines.

Next year famo.us is poised to reach version 1. 2015 will be reminescent of 1996 when Java would first get to version 1. In the world of the Internet of Things IoT, famo.us promises to be what Java delivered to the web.

When I first volunteered, I did not have an inkling of how to organize a meetup. Thankfully, I asked for help from the community in Lagos and I got it.

CCHUB logo

After all the discussions, Co-Creation Hub emerged as the best venue for the meetup. The next problem I faced was how to raise funding to pay for the venue. Fortunately, Co-Creation Hub decided to run a program to allow for use of their venue as well as provision of refreshments for the event. You can find the details here.

Seeing the opportunity to lock down a great venue, I applied and thankfully, my application got selected. So as it stands, on the 31st of October 2014, Lagos Nigeria will be hosting a famo.us meetup. It is exactly 30 days from today.

Please sign up here if you are interested in attending alternatively, paste this link into your browser http://www.meetup.com/famo-us-Lagos-Meetup/. The agenda will be a live stream with the developer team behind famo.us.

As the month ends today all that is left to say is Happy New Month!



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