The Day I Nearly Died

On Monday 26th of January this year, I came close to dying. It started like any other day. I woke up, got to Co-Creation Hub and got to work on the blog post for my teaching blog Truston Teaches Tech.

The internet was crappy at the hub so I headed to LeadPath to see a friend and use their internet. The internet at LeadPath was also crappy so I headed home.

When I got to my area, I entered a cybercafe in a last ditch attempt to post on my training blog. The internet at the cybercafe was also crappy.

In frustration, I left the cybercafe and was heading home. To get home the fastest way was to take an Okada (Commercial motorcyle) to my house. Before I could call one, I met one I knew loading a recharge card and I waited for him to finish.

Once he was through, I boarded his bike and we headed to my house. At the junction near my house, we wanted to cross the road. We both checked that the street was clear. Once we were satisfied, the crossing began. We are about to park when out of nowhere comes this Okada man charging at us at high speed. There is a clash. I fall off the bike I am on and all I remember is seeing my bike man swerving uncontrollably forward.

I don’t remember much after that other than standing up and packing my bag. My laptop is thankfully undamaged but I am injured on the left side of my body.

A kind neighbour takes me to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, I can still walk but my injuries are a mess. I am treated at the hospital and taken home by my neighbour.

The next day my road to recovery begins. I wear a bandage for 8 days as my ankle shifted. When it comes off, I heave a sign of relief. I am walking again despite the pains in my left leg. My injuries are healing.

Today is my first outing since the accident. I am grateful to be able to do this post. Ironically I discovered that my blog post actually went live on my teaching blog Truston Teaches Tech.

February will be a time for healing for me.

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