Piracy In China

Microsoft gives up on charging for Windows in China. You can read the article here. It supports my belief about how to address piracy in Africa.


The Long Road To Recovery

The month of March is officially the start of Spring. In times past, Spring was considered the start of the year. March was named by the Romans after the God of War.

I am glad that Winter is over. Winter was a time for healing and planning for me. Now its time to lead the charge for my dreams.

My wounds for the most part have covered up. I am grateful to be back on my feet and walking again. I still feel pains on the entire left side of my body but I am grateful its not worse.

My company website went live today. Dreamquest Multimedia studio is a multimedia studio with a mission to improve the quality of training, information dissemination and education by providing an African perspective.

Sign up for updates Dreamquest Multimedia. We will be launching soon.