eRead Africa Summer Program Day 1

eRead Africa Opaque

Today was the first class of the eRead Africa Summer Program for 2015. The first days of anything are usually hard. Today was a day to familarise the class with the basic concepts of programming in Scratch.

The materials I selected for teaching Scratch were selected from the Google CS First program. In the contingency plans one activity that was suggested was the Draw Like A Robot activity.

Today we played our own version of that game using a student who was blind folded and directed across the class based on instructions from his class mates. One key take away from the class was that the essence of programming is communication.

The students were excitedly giving instructions and at the end of the day the Robot made it safely across the class. No matter how many times you see it, there is magic in a child’s eyes whenever they understand a concept.

I also introduced the concept of a flip book to the class. A flip book represents the earliest form of animation. As this week would be dedicated to art, I decided that the best place to start would be animation.

Tomorrow, we will be creating our first Animation project. The students have been given an assignment to create a flip book for any character of their choice.

They have also written details of the ideas they want to work on in the course of this month. As we progress in the class, the ideas would be improved and converted into Scratch programs.

This is Truston Ailende. I am the CEO at Dreamquest Multimedia and the Scratch Instructor at eRead Africa. This is my report on the eRead Africa Summer Program 2015 Day 1.


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