eRead Africa Summer Program Day 4


Today we moved out of the classroom. The day started with Storytelling with Radio Personality Aunty Bibs. The kids got to play and learn with Aunty Bibs. It was fun to see the kids in play mode as they learned etiquette in a fun environment.

After the session with Aunty Bibs, it was time for yours truly to teach Scratch. Today I introduced the kids to the concept of variables. The material from the Google CS First Art Section called Paint with Tera was used to teach the kids how to paint using the computer.

Controlling a class up to a point before the excitement hits is easy. Once the program starts working, the kids generally exclaim with glee. That moment when the magic hits is the most exciting moment as a teacher. It means that your class gets it.

Once they do, self directed learning becomes a possibility and all the teacher needs to do is get out of the way and let the creativity flow.

This is Truston Ailende. I am the CEO at Dreamquest Multimedia and the Scratch Instructor at eRead Africa. This is my report on the eRead Africa Summer Program 2015 Day 4


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