eRead Africa Summer Program Day 6


Welcome to a new week. My experience in organizing training programs have shown that the hardest week is usually the first week.

This is because the environment is just forming and the kids are getting used to the new environment and each other. After the first week, everyone has an expectation level set and it is easy to prepare mentally for classes because you now have an idea of what to expect.

Today we created a Launcher game in Scratch. It is a project from the Google CS First Game Design curriculum. Thanks to the introduction to Scratch last week, my only task was to give them the notes and get out of their way.

I was truly impressed to see the kids work with the information given to them and could complete the assigned task without too much help.

At the end of the day, the kids were successful in creating their games and solving some of the problems given to them. I was truly impressed.

This is Truston Ailende. I am the CEO at Dreamquest Multimedia and the Scratch Instructor at eRead Africa. This is my report on the eRead Africa Summer Program 2015 Day 6


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