SVG with RaphaelJS

Its taken me months to get here but at last, I have finished a series on SVG with RaphaelJS. I started work on this series after I had an accident in January this year.

Today I am glad to announce that I have finished the series. It covers the bulk of what I have used SVG for.

You can view it here ->


Cussons Baby Moments Contest 2015

Ogheneruno Umusu

Ogheneruno Umusu

The above kid needs you vote in the Cussons Baby Moments Contest 2015 he is a child of a friend of mine who I have known my whole life.

Voting is easy but you need to have a Facebook account to vote. You need to approve the app to use your Facebook account.

Once you click on vote, please share it on your social networks.

Have a great Sunday.