Nigerian States and Capitals

Nigerian States and Capitals

Welcome to a new week. Last week challenging but I was able to create my first App Inventor application. It marks the end of the search for a simple, easy and free tool for mobile application development.

Nigerian States and Capitals is finally on the Google Play store. I am glad to have done it. Regardless of the outcome, I went the distance.

Development was easy. I tested it using BlueStacks. BlueStacks is a tool for running Android applications on the desktop. For me it allows me to develop and test my apps from my PC.

After successfully completing the edx App Inventor Course last year, I took the Mobile CSP course. It inspired me to really complete this application.

Nigerian States and Capitals is my first mobile application using App Inventor and I am just getting started. With  App Inventor my laptop has become an app factory capable of mass producing mobile applications. For the rest of the year, I intend to develop 1 mobile application each week.

For now take a look at Nigerian States and Capitals.


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