Brainiacs Weekend STEM Sessions – Week 2


Welcome to a new week. With the 3 days extended holiday, we are finally in the shadow of the summer holidays. At work we have been planning our summer camp and now I am glad to announce that all is now set for our summer camp 10 days from now. The flyers are now ready so you can get in touch.

The Brainiacs Weekend STEM Session for last week was interesting. The older kids were taught Kodu and LittleBits while the younger kids learnt TurtleArt and LittleBits.

Kodu is a programming environment from Microsoft designed to teach kids how to program games using a visual programming environment.

LittleBits is a fun way to teach kids electronics without needing to solder or program. It uses magnetic blocks to create a circuit.

Teaching the kids Kodu was interesting as I got to learn how not to underestimate the creativity of the students to find their own solution to a problem even if it was a deviation from the standardized solution.

It was a learning experience for me. I must admit that today the tools that the kids are exposed to makes them digital natives.  The imagination and creativity they brought to the class exceeded anything I could give them.

At the end of the class, I left excited about what the kids could achieve. Today, the tools are available to arm kids with the skills they need to compete in the 21st century.


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