Brainiacs Weekend STEM Sessions – Week 3

water cycle

The week we entered the scientific part of STEM. We started the classes today with STEM moments and had a discussion with the kids about the Water Cycle.

From the STEM moment, we moved to Scratch. This week, we created the Brain Game in Scratch. Brain Game is a simple game for the times table. Before the class started, we had developed the algorithms for them (let’s be fair, they are kids from ages 5 up). The task was to get them to figure out the commands that would ensure that their algorithm was executed as a computer program in Scratch.

That’s why I love the Saturday classes. They are smaller in size and allow for better interaction between the kids and the instructors. They are stressful but the impact is much greater.

Next week most schools in Nigeria will be going on holiday. As a company we are getting ready for the long holiday. Our summer camp will be starting on the 18th of this month. You can find more details from our flyer below:



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