The Only Change That Truly Matters

Tomorrow will mark 2 years since the Buhari administration was sworn in. I have never voted in my life but the frenzy in that period was almost like a carnival.

Nigerians rallied themselves to vote for a man they believed would change the system of doing things. For me I was caught between voting for an incumbent president who was clueless and an old man that brought a reign of terror the last time he was in power.

In the end, it turns out that the old man won. All the remained was for him to deliver and that was when he dropped the ball.

In the initial euphoria about the election, I created a mobile application to commemorate the occasion. At half-time, I regret to say that it was all for nothing.

In the fashion of previous administrations, the government released its own report sheet citing its achievement. The problem is that using social media is a two way street.

I am a trained engineer. I remember that in the class on Quality Management, my lecturer always reminded us that quality is defined by the customer.

For a government that promised change, this administration did give us changes. Only the weren’t the changes that mattered.

The only change that matters as a citizen of a country is the quality of life that you experience. I would go into details but I decided against it.

Elections never really held in 2015. All the card readers in the north failed. There were too many irregularities. Will I be voting next time. No.

I vote for myself always.

Technovation Nigeria Celebration Event 2017

What a great way to wrap up the #Technovation2017 season at no other place but Microsoft Nigeria. The whole journey is worth celebrating. The passion, commitment, dedication and innovation of young girls bringing relevant solutions to societal problems is worth celebrating. As a Region (Nigeria) we looked forward to hosting the maiden edition of the Technovation Regional Pitch Nigeria with the venue lined up and all the logistics covered.

Although, we could not get up to 10 teams required for a regional pitch, we decided not to give up on a celebration event for these young heroes who have invested so much of their time and energy to make this season impactful as well serve as beacons to many young girls in Nigeria. We had taken the girls through 5 months of intensive work starting on December 19th and by the time the entry closed on April 26th, we felt that a final goodbye would only be proper.

Today it is my pride as a Codemaster to say goodbye to an amazing team of young women. Its been a long journey. Along the line there were clashes but I am happy that at the end we are all friends.

The Regional Celebration Event held today Friday 12th May 2017 at Microsoft Lagos, Nigeria organised by Pamela Chukwuemeka the Regional Ambassador, Technovation Nigeria who worked tirelessly through the #Technovation2017 season to get more girls productively involved. They were gracious enough to let us have their conference room. But I would be remiss to leave out Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited, Lagos who let us use their facility as an incubator for the Technovation workshops we needed to hold with the various teams.

For the 2017 season, we are done. The rest is in the hands of the judges. The first round of judging will close on the 14th May 2017. After that we will wait for the announcement of the Semi Finalists.

You can find the story of today’s event on Storify. We are on Twitter and Instagram so make sure to follow us there.

Interesting Events for Writers

I am not in any way affiliated with the organizations involved. However, as a digital publisher, you pick up news of events in your space.

Literary Crossroads is organized by Goethe Institute. Check out the flyer below:

For female writers, check out the graphic below:

I repeat I am not affiliated to any of this organizations. I just think it should bring them to your notice.