Effects of Accepting the European World View to Africans

A few notable times in history we listen to Europe’s version of what was good for Africa:

  1. We ended up enslaved
  2. We ended up as colonial subjects
  3. We ended up in apartheid
  4. We ended up in serious debt
  5. We became victims of globalization and under development

Twelve Mistakes of Buhari

Oluwafemi's Ponderings.

Olufemi Oluwaseye

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is a very interesting one. Aided by a number of factors, the stone many builders rejected, suddenly became the chief cornerstone. Like a hurricane, a wave of “Buharism” swept through the land. Emergency “Buharists” were born. From Dele Momodu to Wole Soyinka, on the one hand, to Chude Jideonwo and Japhet Omojuwa on the other, Nigerians all over suddenly found themselves in love with this man. It was strange. It was like a charm. What made it the more strange was the fact that almost all the people who made selling the Buhari project a do or die task, were staunchly anti-Buhari not long before. There was always one ready excuse for those who were themselves surprised by their love for Buhari: PDP, or to put it more emotionally; Jonathan.

After 16 years of piloting the affairs of Nigeria, almost everyone wanted…

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Last Day on the 6th Floor

Today marks the first year since I last stepped foot inside the 6th Floor. If you need to ask me where the 6th Floor is, then I have to tell you that this post isn’t for you.

I first joined the 6th Floor in September of 2011. At the time, I truly believed that I had found an oasis in the desert but it the end it became like gravel in my mouth.

The problem was that it was free. Yes there was a membership fee but in all honesty it couldn’t cover the costs of operations. The internet was the best internet in Nigeria. Electricity was great.

It was a programmer’s dream but it was all free. That was the red flag.

Nothing of value is free.

I of all people should have known. As a descendant of slave traders and warriors, I should have known that I too had been enslaved.

In the end when they showed their true colours, I walked away. The closest I have come to actually entering the building is waiting for a friend on the steps to the building.

In the last one year, my life as taken a turn for the better. Today I work out of ReDahlia Workspaces. I have self-published 3 books which are on the Amazon store.

Overall in a typical day I can tell you what I achieved. I have become accountable because working out of ReDahlia Workspaces costs money. It is a premium service at a premium price. Internet is supplied by Main One. They are the best internet service provider in Nigeria so I cannot expect anything else.

All this has taught me that the mindset of giving money to help the poor keeps them poor for longer. In the one year away from the 6th Floor, I had to become resourceful.

I actively seek for opportunities to make money and continue to search for other streams of income because I need to pay for everything I get.

In the end my position is this: Free things are for slaves.

Celebrating My Dad’s 70th Birthday

Dad's 70th Birthday

I will be the first to admit that the above picture isn’t the most flattering. It was taken after a long day at church. This photograph was an amateur shot taken by my cousin.

Yesterday was my dad’s 70th birthday anniversary. It was a long and stressful day. From cooking the day before to getting the clothes ready I will say that events are really stressful.

Special thanks to my mum and sister. It would have crashed without them.