Akitda Game Sample

Above is the sample of the Akitda game. It is still in development but today I am happy to announce that we have the basic sample working.

Work now begins on the game prototype. I don’t envy myself.


Dreamquest Multimedia Digital Store


Today exactly 108 days left in the year, I am proud to announce that the Dreamquest Multimedia Digital Store is live.

Its taken a lot of work to get this far but somehow I am scared that there is more work to be done. Now we need to get content creators to increase our stock of content.

Thankfully, this week is Comic Con. I intend to attend and discuss with comic creators in Nigeria. At the end of the day, I hope to grow the store.

Tyto and the Eclipse


Welcome to a new month. At Dreamquest Multimedia, we have been busy creating our web store. Having searched for how to sell digital comics in our home country Nigeria, we decided to take the bull by the horns and create own own digital store.

It is fully functional and totally digital. This is a totally unexpected direction for the company and with this, we become digital content creators and publishers.

Our first product is ready for sale although the site is not yet completed. Our first product is a graphic novel called Tyto and the Eclipse. Tyto and the Eclipse is a short and simple story about an owl who experiences a solar eclipse.

It is a simple short story created to appeal to children ages 5 and above. Please visit this link to buy the graphic novelĀ Tyto and the Eclipse.