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As smartphones proliferate the market, more services are going to come online. One of such services is recharging mobile lines. Topup Genie is similar to AirPesa in Kenya. Topup Genie is however designed for the Nigerian market. It allows you to buy credits for a mobile line from your mobile phone.

Its one the great ideas I have been priviledged to know the owners. Let’s face it, there are times when you need to make a phone call in the middle of the night. What Topup Genie brings to the table is convenience. Having lived in Lagos I know the value of convenience. It is something worth paying for.

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Topup Genie is an online phone credit recharge platform with unique features such as the Simultaneous Topup, Flash for Credit and Scheduled Topups.

Its user-friendly interface, and first-class customer service make it a preferred online phone credit recharge platform.

It has a  “Flash4Credit” feature which means you don’t necessarily have to be online to recharge your phone and that even with the popular torch-light phone, you can recharge your phone by just flashing their Toll Free number (08007001234) and between 6 secs – 10 secs, what you get airtime is on your phone.

To use it, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create your Topup Genie account.

Step 2: Go to your profile and set your Flash 4 Credit amount to whatever amount you want to get each time you flash.

Step 3: Fund your Topup Genie account.

Step 4: Flash 08007001234 and get your airtime whenever… All as long as you Topup Genie account is funded.

For more information or enquiries on its features and services, visit their website at or call their customer care line on 08095607441 or 07052589202 and they would be glad to help out.

Topup Genie is available on web and downloadable as a mobile app on Blackberry World and Google Play store.


Captain GH

Captain GHCaptain GH is just a guy in a costume. No super powers just the possession of ingenuity. I was priviledged to grow up reading comics. Captain America was an embodiment of the aspirations of the American people. Captain GH is similar in that respect.

Captain GH Bus Travails

A great writer once said that we start down the path to story telling by first listening to them. In some of us, this grows into a desire to tell our own stories. Desire wells up from within us and one day we too start telling our own stories thus completing the cycle and starting it in the next generation.

Captain GH in Kente

If you happen to live in Africa, you would also have a sense of the everyday issues Captain GH has to face from entering buses to finding water. Captain GH is a hero for everyday problems. Captain GH was inspired by the need for young people to take charge of their destinies. That is the underlying motive. This is done by looking at everyday issues in the Ghanaian society.

As a Nigerian living in Ghana, there is that connection to the events Captain GH touches. Even if you haven’t lived in Ghana, if you are in Africa you understand what Captain GH is really about. Its about finding your way in life despite the odds that face you.

Finding Direction

Ghana would be the first time in my entire life that I would see water come out of a tap that was government supplied. Unfortunately, there was a period of water shortage in Ghana. During that time, Captain GH was on hand to deliver water to household. Thanks to his ingenuity, Ghanaians, got through that time safely.

Water Shortage

Comedy is also part of the Ghanaian experience. Captain GH has been known to pound fufu on certain occasions. Trust me on this. Fufu pounding is a way to burn all the calories you would gain if you ate fufu. It is a very labour intensive process.

Fufu Pounding

One touching moment was during the Westgate crisis in Kenya where Prof. Kofi Awoonor a Ghanaian diplomat got killed. Captain GH also joined the nation in mourning his death.


Captain GH a hero you can call … Chale