Free Game Resources

This post links to the most comprehensive list of free game resources.

If you are looking for resources for game development, please check it out here.

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Construct 2

Construct2Construct 2 is an HTML5 game engine. The advantage of using game engines is that they allow for rapid game development.

I decided on Construct 2 because I like building games for the web. The last 15 months have seen me develop 5 HTML5 games from scratch. It has been a building process and my skills in software architecture and game development have improved. However, I have gotten to a plateau.

I can still choose to code my games from scratch but I have a limit on the amount of time I can spare for game development. Also I would be limiting myself to very basic games.

Over this weekend, I will be working on developing games with Construct 2 because I what to expand the range of games I can develop.