Teaching with Moodle

App Inventor Practice Course

Happy new month everyone!

As this month draws to an end Nigeria my home country officially goes into a recession. Its been a tough and challenging summer for me but I am glad that at the end of it, I have successfully completed my first MOOC for 2016.

Teaching with Moodle is the first time this year I would be finishing an online course. With all the issues peculiar to Nigeria, I had to dig deep to win. The screen shot above is for the practice course we had to create while taking the course.

Fortunately, I had already finished the series Android Development for Everyday People. So using for the Teaching with Moodle course was not a problem. Android Development for Everyday People is a series I created on App Inventor that I eventually want to turn into a book.

I remember starting Teaching with Moodle on a Sunday. The first badge given to me is shown below. Due to the unreliability of internet in Nigeria, I ensured that I woke up at 4:45 am everyday to finish downloading the videos for the course. I am grateful that the organisers of the course placed all the videos in one location.


Add to this the epileptic electricity supply in Nigeria and you will understand why the 4 weeks I spent doing this course were stressful. As I write this, my homeis running on generator. But I have kept going and I leave the month of August with a badge I will always be proud of.



Finishing My First MOOC

InstructionsOn Monday the 14th of October, I wrote the final exam for Learn To Program: The Fundamentals. It had been a grueling 8 weeks of retraining but I am grateful that I made it to the end.

I have been programming professionally for the last 6 years. If there is an animal that is synonymous with programming it would be the phoenix. Programmers can always redefine themselves.

In the last 6 years, I have come to get an understanding of software architecture. The ability to think in terms of models has been programming’s gift to me. I don’t know what optimized code is but I know that regardless of the programming language selected, I can build anything.

This week end, I will be trying to finish my second MOOC. I hope to have succeeded by Monday.