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Closing Gaming West Africa


Today, I officially close down Gaming West Africa. I started the blog 2 years ago to blog about game development in West Africa.

I readily confess in the last 2 years, my life has changed for the better. I am grateful for all that I learned during the time I spent on the blog. Sadly, I no longer have the inclination to continue to cover gaming.

I remain forever grateful to those who read my blog and helped me develop content.

Thanks for everything!


Shammah is one of the few men I would ever respect.

His feat came about by his refusal to retreat in the face of impossible odds.

Its harvest time and the Philistines attack his field. Everyone runs. He alone stays to fight them.

Miraculously, he is victorious.

Faith begins when statistics ends.

Have a great month everyone.

Getting Started in ICT

I consider myself fortunate. I was born at the right time (I am a Millennial) at the right place (Nigeria) and with the right attitude (I am grateful to the mentors I have had over all the years)

Recently I was wondering what it took to get started in the profession. The emphasis on programming isn’t helping anyone. So without much ado, this is a distillation of the steps I have taken to get here:

  1. You need to jump in
  2. Find your passion
  3. You learn best by doing
  4. Create an online portfolio of your work
  5. Commit yourself to life long learning

I hope this helps someone out there get a better start than I did when I was starting out. Sorry I didn’t expand on the points. But I think they speak for themselves.