Forgive yourself.

Heartstring Eulogies

Forgive yourself and end your punishment.

How many times have we heard this time and time again? Guilt is often one of those things that cling like a second skin. It’s always there, nagging and tugging in the background, whispering. If it were so easy to apologize to ourselves and be free, there’d be a lot less suffering in this world. It’s not easy. It’s probably one of the most difficult things we survivors can do. Just don’t give up hope that one day it will happen.

© Sarah Doughty

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True for all survivors.

Heartstring Eulogies

If we’re lucky, we can learn to trust
that a loving hand is different from a hurtful one.

For those of us that survived hell, this is important. We were conditioned to fear, to submit, to be silent. In the aftermath of that kind of treatment, it can be incredibly frustrating to love someone, but still respond the same way. If we learned to fear, maybe we can learn to overcome it, too.

© Sarah Doughty

Inspired by my friend Dipendra Tamang of @thangbalay on Instagram.

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The Greatest Need of Nigerians

Stolen from a Friend Olumide Okesanjo

Perhaps the greatest need of a Nigerian is good entertainment.

It seems we’re not ready to face our problems.

We make a mess of things by clowning around serious issues.

This in itself is a much bigger problem.

Our attitude and approach to things show who we really are.

I don’t want to believe this but until we prove otherwise, then it’s true.

A good laugh is good for the mind but what comes after?

Perhaps comedy will save us from our problems.

We prefer the fantasies the media sells us.

We are overly religious and now some churches have decided to join the party.

They are Nigerians, sell them false hope.

They don’t like truth, they’d rather have a joke instead.

Twelve Mistakes of Buhari

Oluwafemi's Ponderings.

Olufemi Oluwaseye

The administration of President Muhammadu Buhari is a very interesting one. Aided by a number of factors, the stone many builders rejected, suddenly became the chief cornerstone. Like a hurricane, a wave of “Buharism” swept through the land. Emergency “Buharists” were born. From Dele Momodu to Wole Soyinka, on the one hand, to Chude Jideonwo and Japhet Omojuwa on the other, Nigerians all over suddenly found themselves in love with this man. It was strange. It was like a charm. What made it the more strange was the fact that almost all the people who made selling the Buhari project a do or die task, were staunchly anti-Buhari not long before. There was always one ready excuse for those who were themselves surprised by their love for Buhari: PDP, or to put it more emotionally; Jonathan.

After 16 years of piloting the affairs of Nigeria, almost everyone wanted…

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