Effects of Accepting the European World View to Africans

A few notable times in history we listen to Europe’s version of what was good for Africa:

  1. We ended up enslaved
  2. We ended up as colonial subjects
  3. We ended up in apartheid
  4. We ended up in serious debt
  5. We became victims of globalization and under development

Last Day on the 6th Floor

Today marks the first year since I last stepped foot inside the 6th Floor. If you need to ask me where the 6th Floor is, then I have to tell you that this post isn’t for you.

I first joined the 6th Floor in September of 2011. At the time, I truly believed that I had found an oasis in the desert but it the end it became like gravel in my mouth.

The problem was that it was free. Yes there was a membership fee but in all honesty it couldn’t cover the costs of operations. The internet was the best internet in Nigeria. Electricity was great.

It was a programmer’s dream but it was all free. That was the red flag.

Nothing of value is free.

I of all people should have known. As a descendant of slave traders and warriors, I should have known that I too had been enslaved.

In the end when they showed their true colours, I walked away. The closest I have come to actually entering the building is waiting for a friend on the steps to the building.

In the last one year, my life as taken a turn for the better. Today I work out of ReDahlia Workspaces. I have self-published 3 books which are on the Amazon store.

Overall in a typical day I can tell you what I achieved. I have become accountable because working out of ReDahlia Workspaces costs money. It is a premium service at a premium price. Internet is supplied by Main One. They are the best internet service provider in Nigeria so I cannot expect anything else.

All this has taught me that the mindset of giving money to help the poor keeps them poor for longer. In the one year away from the 6th Floor, I had to become resourceful.

I actively seek for opportunities to make money and continue to search for other streams of income because I need to pay for everything I get.

In the end my position is this: Free things are for slaves.

The Only Change That Truly Matters

Tomorrow will mark 2 years since the Buhari administration was sworn in. I have never voted in my life but the frenzy in that period was almost like a carnival.

Nigerians rallied themselves to vote for a man they believed would change the system of doing things. For me I was caught between voting for an incumbent president who was clueless and an old man that brought a reign of terror the last time he was in power.

In the end, it turns out that the old man won. All the remained was for him to deliver and that was when he dropped the ball.

In the initial euphoria about the election, I created a mobile application to commemorate the occasion. At half-time, I regret to say that it was all for nothing.

In the fashion of previous administrations, the government released its own report sheet citing its achievement. The problem is that using social media is a two way street.

I am a trained engineer. I remember that in the class on Quality Management, my lecturer always reminded us that quality is defined by the customer.

For a government that promised change, this administration did give us changes. Only the weren’t the changes that mattered.

The only change that matters as a citizen of a country is the quality of life that you experience. I would go into details but I decided against it.

Elections never really held in 2015. All the card readers in the north failed. There were too many irregularities. Will I be voting next time. No.

I vote for myself always.

MTN Have Become Bandits #MTN419

MTN Bandit Symbol

“Dear Customer, you have successfully subscribed to Family and Lifestyle and 50.00 deducted from your account. Your service will be renewed on 2016-06-28. To cancel, text STOP FAL to 33388. Enjoy!”

It takes one event to make someone angry enough to fight back and this was it. Today I got the above message from MTN and I felt a sense of real outrage. It was the cheeky Enjoy at the end of the message that made me snap so I decided to fight back.

It is pathetic that I never even signed up for that service. If I did, I assure you that I was tricked into doing so. MTN sends out this messages that eclipse the whole of your phone and once you try to exit it you could be signed up for the service.

Since the NCC decided to slam MTN with a fine, MTN has decided that the best way to raise the money is to live off the land.

As a company they have always repatriated their profits back to South Africa so they have decided to keep the money in South Africa and raise the amount for the fine from Nigerians.

I was never in those rooms when MTN “settled” people to enter Nigeria. I am a simple teacher who would love to live in peace but like MKO Abiola said, I don’t want the peace of the graveyard.

Today its N50 and we say nothing. I could revoke the message because I knew how to use my phone. The way the law of averages goes, MTN knows that some Nigerians will be unable to cancel the service.

It is this set of Nigerians that will be robbed. MTN has a company has roots in South Africa. The blacks in South Africa were robbed for MTN. Now they have come to Nigeria to do the same. The other networks are no better so I don’t endorse any of them.

It isn’t a fight I think I can win but for too long in my life, I have held my peace and watched while the world went to shit and this is how it always starts.

Let the little sin go and the sinner gets bolder.

I say enough is enough.