The Nigerian Power Map

Nigeria Power MapOver the weekend I looked at some of the infographics at BudgIT. When I broke down the information included in the above infographic, I created an interactive map of Nigeria showing the power distribution zones in white and the rest of the country in black.

You can view it by clicking this LINK.


Learning Backbone

Backbone LogoThe move towards MVC architecture was a year in the future on the day I decided to pick up HTML5 last year. Now I have come full circle. Today, I have made the decision to learn how to use Backbone.js in all my front end programming. To this end, I will be blogging about my experiences in learning about this framework.

Returning to PHP

And then it came to be. That I would gain clarity about what technologies I needed to master. For 2 years, I have not touched PHP.

I only came back this year. Been building slowing since the start of the year. Learning how the language works. What makes it ticks.

Today, I just learnt how to send email from PHP using PHPMailer.