The core of The Iron Man Business Model is to use products as a means of defence for a technology business. The goal is to move from talk to show. In a world where discussions and debate seem to drown out issues, execution is king!

Credibility is gained if a business already has a product similar to what a client wants or on the intended platform. On the technical end, it helps the skill-set of the team if there is a product to work on whether a client will pay for it or not. Personally, I look at this aspect as Research and Development.

The following are products that I have developed.

  1. Ise
  2. Maths Magic
  3. Towers of Hanoi
  4. GLED
  5. Confederations Cup Data Project
  6. Solar System Simulation
  7. Match The States
  8. Light Up Nigeria
  9. Anti Bunkering Task Force
  10. Asteroid Prospector